and Transportation

As Nigeria continues to rise in prominence as a key investment destination in Africa, the significance of transportation and logistics continues to increase. With rapid growth and greater involvement in the global economy comes the need for key supporting infrastructure in the moving of resources, goods and services in and out of the country. Nigeria’s tremendous growth prospects opens up opportunity in the transport and logistics industry.

Airlines & Airports

2016 saw a 68% increase in international air cargo exports in Nigeria  and with cargo transportation forecasts to be nearly eight times bigger in 2030 than in 2010 , there is a need to develop air cargo capabilities in the country.

Shipping and Ports

Long dwell times of import containers are a major problem for most of Africa’s ports. In West Africa, the three biggest ports –  Abidjan, Lagos and Tema – all face major capacity and efficiency issues. Ondo looks to tackle this by making strategic investments in this sector.

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